Exploitaiton is the deliberate maltreatment, mainpulation or abuse of power and ccontrol over another person.  It usually involves taking advantage of someone’s situation for personal gain of some sort.

Types of Exploitation

Exploitation of adults can take a number of forms including:

  • Criminal exploitaiton
  • Sexual exploitation
  • ‘Cuckooing’
  • County Lines
  • Modern slavery and trafficking

Who might be vulnerable?

When considering safeguarding adults, we usually refer to those that have health and/or social care needs, as defined in the Care Act 2014.  Adults at a heightened risk of exploitation include those:

  • with a physical or learning disability;
  • with experiencing mental ill-health;
  • experiencing substance misuse;
  • having prior experience of neglect, physical abuse and/or sexual abuse;
  • without a safe and stable home environment, either currently or in the past, possibly due to Domestic Abuse, parental substance misuse or mental health issues or ciminality;
  • experiencing social isolation;
  • experiencing poverty, homelessness;
  • with existing connections to gangs;
  • those with a history of being in care.