What is advocacy?

Advocacy is free, independent support which helps individuals become more involved in decision-making in relation to their care and wellbeing.  An advocate is a professional who works independently of service providers or funders, such as the NHS, council or care providers.  The main role of the advocate is to listen and support the service user to make their views and feelings known.  Essentially, they can help explain on your behalf what you want or don’t want, make clearer the different options available and help plan.  They will not tell individuals what to do or make decisions on their behalf.

What services are available in Redbridge?

Advocacy is available for Redbridge residents through Voiceability.  The different services available include Independent Mental Health advocacy, Mental Capacity Act advocacy, Care Act advocacy and Relevant Person’s Representative advocacy.  Find out more about each of these here or about advocacy in specific situations, such as support during an assessment or to challenge a decision.  Easy read guides are available via the Voiceability website.

How can I contact Voiceability?

For more information on the services available, Voiceability can be contacted via:

The link to the Voiceability website is below:

How can I make a referral?

You can make a referral on-line for yourself or for someone else:

If you would prefer to use a paper version of the referral form, one can be downloaded from this page.